Useless labor

You, the weary laborer, who strive to enrich yourself by vexatious toil, why do you run after riches that cannot be held fast?
You who are rich, who go astray with your riches, possess God, and hate the wealth that after a little while will not be yours. Unquiet soul chasing gold, woe to you for that which spends you with your toiling after it! You who are greedy of mammon, incline your ear this way, and cast aside that grievous load that does you no good.
–Jacob of Serugh, On the Reception of the Holy Mysteries, 648-649

Será realmente possível compatibilizar o cristianismo e a busca pela riqueza? Não parece haver, entre os Santos Padres, nem ao menos um que admita que uma pessoa possa ter bom coração e não doar tudo que tem aos pobres.

O verdadeiro cristianismo é, por definição, cruel com o mundo.

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