Abortos ocultos


Segundo este artigo, ainda não se sabe ao certo se a pílula causa abortos ocultos, principalmente no que se refere à pílula de uso diário. Mas há o risco de que a mulher que use anticoncepcional esteja matando óvulos já fertilizados, ou seja, seres humanos. Se usar a pílula do dia seguinte, a probabilidade é maior.


Ricos e pobres

You cannot get this medicine (Scripture) by paying money for it. But whoever shows a sincere purpose and disposition goes on his way with the whole thing.
For this reason, both rich and poor have the benefit of this healing. Where medicine costs money, the man of means certainly gets the benefit, but the poor man often has to go away without gaining anything. But in this case, since no one can pay money for it, but what is needed is faith and a good purpose, whoever has paid these with a ready mind is the one who most reaps the advantage, since these are the price paid for the treatment.
And the rich and poor share the benefit alike—or, rather, not alike, but often the poor man walks away with more. How can that be? It is because the rich man, already distracted by many thoughts, with the pride and haughtiness that come with wealth, living with carelessness and laziness as his companions, receives the medicine of hearing the Scriptures with little attention or earnestness. But the poor man, who has nothing to do with delicate living and gluttony and indolence, and who spends all his time in physical work and honest labor, gathers much love of wisdom for his soul from this experience, and is likely to pay attention more carefully to everything that is said. So, since he has paid a higher price, he walks away with a greater benefit.
–St. John Chrysostom, Homily Against Publishing the Errors of the Brethren, 1

Gosto de pensar que os “ricos” de quem se fala nas Escrituras e nos escritos dos Santos Padres são na verdade os indolentes, e que os “pobres” são os batalhadores (aqueles que têm força de vontade e trabalham por seus objetivos).

Two gifts

As I see it, there are two great gifts that God has given people today: in the Soviet world, the difficult gift of suffering, which by God’s grace will probably be the salvation of Russia; and in the free world, the gift of freedom – to speak and witness the truth and tell what is going on. How poorly this gift is being used among us – and how soon, perhaps, it will be taken from us. While there is daylight, we must speak out.


(Fr. Seraphim Rose, in a letter written in 1970.)


It is yet to be seen whether the Russians will use their gift adequately. Let’s pray to God so that they do.

O animal político e sexual (The Political and Sexual Animal)

[Eugene Rose] also wrote further on the use of sexuality as an “impersonal force” by which to govern man: “Just as modern man has been made into a ‘political animal,’ so he has been ‘sexualized’ – brought to an awareness of and preoccupation with sex that is proving to be another disintegrating force upon him.”



‎[Eugene Rose] também escreveu sobre o uso da sexualidade como uma “força impessoal” pela qual o homem pode ser governado: “da mesma forma que se transformou em um ‘animal político’, o homem moderno também foi ‘sexualizado’ – tornou-se vítima de uma consciência e de uma preocupação constantes em relação ao sexo, o que tem-se revelado como mais uma força desintegradora a agir sobre ele.”