O animal político e sexual (The Political and Sexual Animal)

[Eugene Rose] also wrote further on the use of sexuality as an “impersonal force” by which to govern man: “Just as modern man has been made into a ‘political animal,’ so he has been ‘sexualized’ – brought to an awareness of and preoccupation with sex that is proving to be another disintegrating force upon him.”



‎[Eugene Rose] também escreveu sobre o uso da sexualidade como uma “força impessoal” pela qual o homem pode ser governado: “da mesma forma que se transformou em um ‘animal político’, o homem moderno também foi ‘sexualizado’ – tornou-se vítima de uma consciência e de uma preocupação constantes em relação ao sexo, o que tem-se revelado como mais uma força desintegradora a agir sobre ele.”




The omnivorousness of modern man


“The omnivorousness of modern man, born of his need to find something to replace Christ – this attitude that underlies both his mania for experimentation and his celebrated ‘tolerance’ (which is quite limited, actually) – can only come to a natural end in magic, moral perversion, occultism, which might be defined as the ‘ultimate in experimentation.'”

[Fr. Seraphim Rose]


A marvelous homily from the Prologue of Ohrid (12 January)!

About how man is most dear to God and God to man

For I want not what is yours, but you” (II Corinthians 12:14).

With these words, which could have only been spoken by the fiery apostolic love toward one’s neighbor, is expressed the essence of the relationship of the Christian toward God and God toward the Christian. The love of God could very well say: “You, O Christian, fast for My sake; for My sake you distribute alms; for My sake you lift up heartfelt prayers; for My sake you build churches; for My sake you offer sacrifices and you perform many other good deeds. All of this is good, and all of this is pleasing to Me, but you are more precious to Me than all of this. In the end, I seek nothing of all of this rather, I seek you, only you.”

The love of a Christian could very well say:

“O Lord, You gave me health and that is good. You turn on the light; You permit the rain to fall; You refresh the air by Your thunder and that is good. You bestow wealth, wisdom, many years, offspring and many other good things which You bountifully place on the table of this life. All of this is good and overly-good. I receive all of this with gratitude. But, in the ultimate end, that is only the hem of Your garment. Ultimately, I do not seek anything of that but You, O Lord, You alone I seek.”

O my brethren, that is not God which is seen with the physical eyes, neither is that man which is seen with the physical eyes. That which is seen in the whole of nature is only something of God; and that which is seen in the physical garment is only something of man. Brethren, God is Love which heaven lowers to earth; Brethren, man is love which raises earth to heaven.

O Lord, Lover of mankind, Creator and Almighty, take up Your abode more and even more in us with Your Life-giving Spirit that we may live; that we may be alive in Your kingdom without death.

To You be glory and thanks always. Amen.