O fim da picada 2: A Missão

Um texto imperdível sobre a triste situação da Rússia, cuja fraca e incipiente democracia se vê sitiada de um lado pelos comunistas putinianos e, de outro, por militantes anti-religiosos de influência ocidental. Um trecho: “Também me pergunto por que os esquerdistas [do Ocidente] de repente demonstram tanta simpatia para com uma banda que diz inspirar-se na música “Oi!”, gênero inventado pelos skinheads britânicos.”

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Today’s Novatians

This one is for those who think themselves better and more pure than the Church of Christ.

The whole treatise of the Novatians, which you have addressed to me thronged with propositions on all sides, amounts to this, brother Sympronian: that there is no room for repentance after baptism; that the Church cannot remit mortal sin; that by the receiving of sinners she herself perishes. What illustrious honor! Singular authority! Great constancy! To reject the guilty; to flee the touch of sinners; to have so little confidence in her own innocence! Who asserts this doctrine, brother? Moses? Paul? Christ? But Moses wishes to be wiped out of the book for the sake of blasphemers; and Paul to be accursed for his brethren; and the Lord Himself wishes to suffer for the unrighteous.

St. Pacian, Letter 3, 1-3

Useless labor

You, the weary laborer, who strive to enrich yourself by vexatious toil, why do you run after riches that cannot be held fast?
You who are rich, who go astray with your riches, possess God, and hate the wealth that after a little while will not be yours. Unquiet soul chasing gold, woe to you for that which spends you with your toiling after it! You who are greedy of mammon, incline your ear this way, and cast aside that grievous load that does you no good.
–Jacob of Serugh, On the Reception of the Holy Mysteries, 648-649

Será realmente possível compatibilizar o cristianismo e a busca pela riqueza? Não parece haver, entre os Santos Padres, nem ao menos um que admita que uma pessoa possa ter bom coração e não doar tudo que tem aos pobres.

O verdadeiro cristianismo é, por definição, cruel com o mundo.

Two gifts

As I see it, there are two great gifts that God has given people today: in the Soviet world, the difficult gift of suffering, which by God’s grace will probably be the salvation of Russia; and in the free world, the gift of freedom – to speak and witness the truth and tell what is going on. How poorly this gift is being used among us – and how soon, perhaps, it will be taken from us. While there is daylight, we must speak out.


(Fr. Seraphim Rose, in a letter written in 1970.)


It is yet to be seen whether the Russians will use their gift adequately. Let’s pray to God so that they do.

O animal político e sexual (The Political and Sexual Animal)

[Eugene Rose] also wrote further on the use of sexuality as an “impersonal force” by which to govern man: “Just as modern man has been made into a ‘political animal,’ so he has been ‘sexualized’ – brought to an awareness of and preoccupation with sex that is proving to be another disintegrating force upon him.”



‎[Eugene Rose] também escreveu sobre o uso da sexualidade como uma “força impessoal” pela qual o homem pode ser governado: “da mesma forma que se transformou em um ‘animal político’, o homem moderno também foi ‘sexualizado’ – tornou-se vítima de uma consciência e de uma preocupação constantes em relação ao sexo, o que tem-se revelado como mais uma força desintegradora a agir sobre ele.”