Two gifts

As I see it, there are two great gifts that God has given people today: in the Soviet world, the difficult gift of suffering, which by God’s grace will probably be the salvation of Russia; and in the free world, the gift of freedom – to speak and witness the truth and tell what is going on. How poorly this gift is being used among us – and how soon, perhaps, it will be taken from us. While there is daylight, we must speak out.


(Fr. Seraphim Rose, in a letter written in 1970.)


It is yet to be seen whether the Russians will use their gift adequately. Let’s pray to God so that they do.

O animal político e sexual (The Political and Sexual Animal)

[Eugene Rose] also wrote further on the use of sexuality as an “impersonal force” by which to govern man: “Just as modern man has been made into a ‘political animal,’ so he has been ‘sexualized’ – brought to an awareness of and preoccupation with sex that is proving to be another disintegrating force upon him.”



‎[Eugene Rose] também escreveu sobre o uso da sexualidade como uma “força impessoal” pela qual o homem pode ser governado: “da mesma forma que se transformou em um ‘animal político’, o homem moderno também foi ‘sexualizado’ – tornou-se vítima de uma consciência e de uma preocupação constantes em relação ao sexo, o que tem-se revelado como mais uma força desintegradora a agir sobre ele.”



The omnivorousness of modern man


“The omnivorousness of modern man, born of his need to find something to replace Christ – this attitude that underlies both his mania for experimentation and his celebrated ‘tolerance’ (which is quite limited, actually) – can only come to a natural end in magic, moral perversion, occultism, which might be defined as the ‘ultimate in experimentation.'”

[Fr. Seraphim Rose]